About Buddy

Driving, hot rodding, customizing, racing, restoring, painting, pin striping…you name it, I’ve done it with or to an automobile. Some people love motorcycles (raced those, too!); others love fishing and boating or guns and hunting. Me? I love cars. I started driving a truck on my grandfather’s lap too many years ago to count. I guess I was born with the car bug; I am a car lover.

College gave me an opportunity to explore my artistic talents through photography. When my son took up BMX cycling and became a leader and a champion in his age group, my photographs of the racing events were often published in the BMX magazine both in editorials and covers.

Photography is both a skill and a talent, I believe. I was self-taught and then went through the black and white and color photography programs at UAB where I earned certificates in both.

When I photograph a car, it is my goal to photograph the message from the car. Is it a powerful car? Masculine? Feminine? Sleek? Boxy?

This is who I am and this is what I do…automobile photography for car lovers.

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